Mechanical Services

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Logbook Servicing

The warranty that comes with a new car offers drivers an important measure of peace of mind with the significant expense of buying a new vehicle. Maintaining this warranty usually requires regular inspections and services, recorded in the vehicle's logbook. While many dealerships will try to convince you that your vehicle's logbook services must be made at the dealership itself, you are in fact able to have your vehicle checked out by any more convenient reputable auto repairer.

Our workshop can offer logbook inspections on all makes and models of petrol and diesel passenger car and light commercial vehicle, making sure your vehicle is still operating to the manufacturer's specifications. This will allow you to keep your new vehicle's warranty intact, while saving yourself the hassle and added expense of taking your vehicle all the way back to the dealership.

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For extra peace of mind before buying a used car, bring it to AE Automotive first for a pre-purchase inspection. We can assess the vehicle for faults before you part ways with your cash, to ensure you're really getting what you're paying for.

We can also conduct vehicle identity validations on behalf of VicRoads, to certify a damaged car as being fit for the road again and ensure that it's a genuine car that matches with its service history.

If you need you have a vehicle inspected for added confidence before you buy, or if you just want it checked out before a trip, make a booking with one of our mechanics today.

Brake Services

Your brakes are arguably your vehicle's most important safety feature, and also the one most subject to wear and tear. Your vehicle's brakes can wear out quickly, especially with the stop-start nature of inner city driving. That makes checking your vehicle's brakes regularly all the more important.

We're able to completely overhaul your brakes if need be, with replacement brake pads, rotors, drums and discs available, as well as machining parts custom tailored for your vehicle's needs. We can also check hoses and seals for leaking brake fluid, to ensure your vehicle has as much stopping power as needed.

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Steering & Suspension

If your vehicle's experiencing body roll through corners, or if it feels loose and unresponsive when at the wheel, it's typically indicative of trouble in your vehicle's steering and suspension.

A mechanic check out your vehicle, repairing and replacing worn or broken parts from bushings, car springs and shock absorbers, to power steering components and other steering column issues. We can also conduct wheel balancing and wheel alignments, to further minimise play in your steering, ensuring maximum ride comfort and handling.

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Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble changing gears while on the road, or if you notice strange noises and smells from under your bonnet, you might be experiencing problems with your vehicle's drive train.

Our team can service your vehicle's drive train, from clutch components to your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission, saving you the cost of an expensive transmission repair in the future.

Contact us today if you're having trouble shifting gears.

Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine cool is critical to the health of your vehicle. An overheating engine can result in poor fuel efficiency, a drop in performance, blown gaskets or an inconvenient breakdown.

We can catch overheating problems before they happen with a complete service of your vehicle's cooling system, from repairs or replacement of faulty radiators or heaters, swapping out damaged head gaskets, thermostat checks and a coolant flush.

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With modern cars more and more reliant on vehicle electrics to communicate potential vehicle trouble to the driver, having a properly functioning electrical system in your vehicle is paramount to driver safety and vehicle health.

AE Automotive's team of mechanics come equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools to help locate vehicle problems before they become more serious mechanical repairs, and troubleshoot any dashboard warning lights you might not quite understand. We can also advise you on repairs and replacement auto-electrical parts, from batteries to starter motors and alternators.

If you live in the Burwood, Ashwood or Surrey Hills areas, make sure to give us a call today to find out more about our other services or to book a service.